The Dorothy Rider Pool Health Care Trust

Pool Trust staff member invited to attend healthcare retreat in Harrisburg

Pool Trust staff member Ron Dendas was invited to participate in a high-level retreat with Governor Wolf and his staff in Harrisburg July 17-19. The retreat was organized by the National Governor’s Association (NGA) and the Institute of Medicine (IOM) with the overarching goal of helping to catalyze health care transformation with improved quality and controlled growth in costs for the state.

In addition to the Governor and his senior staff, the other participants were stakeholder leaders from across Pennsylvania, as well as select national experts to provide information and insights about national trends and experiences in other states.

“Given his knowledge and experience on the issues that the retreat will be focusing on, Ron has been identified as one of those key stakeholder leaders we would like to invite to participate”, stated Chelsea Kelleher, Policy Analyst from the NGA.

Secretary of Health Karen M. Murphy believes the weekend’s work will “help to catalyze our ongoing efforts to support the triple aim of improving patient care, improving population health, and reducing the cost of healthcare”. She plans on reaching out to this group for ongoing support to help guide this important work.