The Dorothy Rider Pool Health Care Trust

Pool Trust and Lehigh Valley Health Network Welcome Ripple Mapping Expert to the Lehigh Valley

In July, Mary Emery, PhD, spent two days in the Lehigh Valley sharing her expertise of a powerful qualitative evaluation methodology called “Ripple Effect Mapping” (REM). REM uses elements of asset mapping, radiant thinking, appreciative inquiry, and qualitative data analysis to reflect upon and visually map intended and unintended consequences of community-based programs and collaborations. The strength of the methodology comes from joining participants and stakeholders to identify and document potential impacts of programs as they “ripple” through groups and communities.

Emery began using group mind mapping techniques in 2006 and is considered one of the premiere leaders in this rapidly emerging field. REM is used to evaluate The Rider-Pool Foundation’s Collective Impact Fellowship. 

Maggie Hadinger, EdD, MS, Director, Medical Education, LVHN, and a Collective Impact Fellow of the 2018 program, was impressed with the tool and felt it could improve the LVHN Division of Education’s evaluation process. With support from The Pool Trust, Hadinger arranged for Emery’s visit.

While in Allentown, Emery provided consultation to The Rider-Pool Foundation staff to strengthen its REM evaluation, facilitated a Community of Practice with eight Collective Impact Fellows and trained 25 evaluators on REM techniques.

Emery focuses on economic and community development research and practice including using the Community Capitals Framework (CCF) in evaluation, research on community change, and program planning. A co-author of the Field Guide for Community Coaching and the Guide to Ripple Effect Mapping, she regularly provides workshops and training on community development processes and approaches. In addition to teaching in the Great Plains IDEA trans-disciplinary multi-university distance degree in Community Development, she is Department Head for Sociology and Rural Studies at South Dakota State University.