The Dorothy Rider Pool Health Care Trust

Building 21 Students Share “heART of Healing”


This fall, Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN) partnered with Andrew Ward, Founding Visual Art Educator with Building 21 High School of the Allentown School District, in the creation of an exhibit titled, “The heART of Healing.”

The art project was intended to connect students with the theories and ideas that art can communicate a sense of hope or healing to the public and people in need. Some students took a personal approach in their projects to focus on experiences they or loved ones have faced while others decided to create around human conditions such as love and happiness.

Students constructed art in both 2D and 3D formats and repurposed donated hospital materials in their designs. Some of the items utilized in their designs included sterile blue wrap from the operating rooms and plastic caps from vials.

Katie Velekei, LVHN Senior Sustainability Specialist, and many LVHN staff collected items for the students to repurpose. “The heART of Healing” exhibit will be displayed at the bottom of the Jaindl stairs at LVH-Cedar Crest from November 21- December 17, 2018.

This program received support from The Dorothy Rider Pool Health Care Trust through the LVHN Department of Education.