Criteria for Pool Trust/LVHN Initiatives 2013-2016

LVHN and the Pool Trust teams will work collaboratively to develop proposals for Pool Trust funding. Criteria for evaluating proposed initiatives are:

Strategic focus consistent with the IHI Triple Aim

  • Initiatives will have a direct connection to improving each individual’s health care experience and outcomes and/or health of the Lehigh Valley population while reducing per capita costs.
  • Initiatives will fall within one or more of these focus areas:
    • Community engagement to advance the health of Lehigh Valley population
    • Primary care and community-based workforce development to enhance individual and/or population care management and health outcomes while reducing costs
    • System redesign initiatives to enhance individual and/or population care management and health outcomes while reducing costs

Sustainable impact on Lehigh Valley community needs

  • Initiatives will address the health needs of vulnerable populations in the Lehigh Valley and will have the potential to develop into ongoing efforts that can be sustained without Pool Trust funding.
  • Initiatives will focus on strategic initiatives, consistent with the Trust’s strategic goals, and should generally not be one-off, stand-alone projects. When possible, initiatives will build upon existing LVHN community outreach and value-based care initiatives.

LVHN strategic priorities and business case

  • Initiatives will be consistent with the LVHN FY 2013-16 Strategic Plan and support one or more of the plan tactics targeting partnership, primary care, service lines and infrastructure.
  • Initiatives will help LVHN transition from fee-for-service payment systems to value based and risk sharing arrangements.

Best practices and data

  • Where possible, initiatives will be supported by available data on national and local best practices. Proposals will include evaluation and/or research plans; project teams should include expertise needed to conduct such evaluations. Preference will be given to proposals where data will lead to systemic improvements in efficiency, cost and care. Proposals will describe plans for dissemination of findings and translation of findings (if proven to enhance value) into practice.

Opportunity to leverage other available funding and resources

  • Initiatives will identify potential sources of additional funding, operational efficiency or other resources to leverage the impact of Pool Trust investment.

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