Optimizing Health System Performance and Transforming Patient Care through Interprofessional Workforce Development, Patient and Community Engagement, and Building a Performance-Focused Learning Organization

Lehigh Valley Health Network Division of Education
$8,944,649 over four years

This grant supports a multipronged approach to increasing Division of Education (DOE) capacity and value-added to the Lehigh Valley Health Network by optimizing health system performance and transforming patient care through interprofessional workforce development, patient and community engagement, and building a performance-focused learning organization. This multipronged, multimodal, multidisciplinary plan has four areas of concentration:

1. Workforce Development – Build a strategically flexible, interprofessionally competent, emotionally intelligent healthcare workforce that meets the individual and population health needs of our community.
2. Patient Engagement – Engage patients, families, and focused populations more directly in their care by educating healthcare practitioners on methods of engagement and providing effective patient education tools and content.
3. Value-Added Care – Enable value-added care at LVHN by providing training and simulation environments that facilitate broad adoption of Lean principals, network integration, and improved processes, including the electronic health record to optimize health system performance.
4. Data-Driven Performance – Position LVHN as a premier, performance-focused learning organization through optimization of knowledge management and skill transfer, application of enhanced learning metrics, and dissemination of best practices at the local, regional, and national levels.

Each area has related service demands and a matrix of resources and inputs, activities, outputs, outcomes and projected impact.

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