Just Culture Initiative

Lehigh Valley Health Network
$174,115 for one year

The term “Just Culture” refers to efforts as an organization to be just and fair with all employees related to three behaviors: human error, risk behavior, and reckless behavior. This grant funds the launch of a “Just Culture” initiative within Lehigh Valley Health Network. The ability to manage risks, either financial or related to prevention of physical harm, is dependent upon the quality of the systems we design and choices we make. When human beings make mistakes, it is important to learn from those mistakes at an individual and organizational level.

The Just Culture model is designed to create an environment for learning by changing ideas about expectations of one another and how to hold each other accountable for the choices made. It is about creating a culture where employees are encouraged and supported in doing the right thing in order to not compromise values in pursuit of organizational mission. Shared values among employees help us understand what it means to do the right thing.

Grant dollars will be used to contract with Outcome Engenuity for a successful transformation to a Just Culture within LVHN. Key activities include Just Culture certification by key individuals, manager training, staff training, and formation of a Just Culture Oversight Committee.

Just Culture Oversight Committee consists of all LVHN staff certified in Just Culture, as well as representation from the LVHN Organizational Effectiveness department and others, as the need determines. The committee’s function will be to assess and monitor the Just Culture. Key responsibilities will include standardization of response to errors according to the Just Culture philosophy and integration of concepts into key organization infrastructures.

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